Intelligent Sensors in Traffic Management

Increasing mobility of people and goods will steadily increase in traffic. The team of STC-net is working on a new traffic management system with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. To address the complex conditions various technologies in the field of computational intelligence are connected in a distributed, partly self-organized, intelligent traffic control network. The goal is to optimise traffic on the basis of a predetermined objective – e.g. preference for public transport, flow efficiency, pollution control or the like.

Salzburg Research provides measurements for this project by traffic sensors. In the city of Salzburg a variety of sensor technologies for counting vehicles were installed. The company ANDATA validate and optimizes using these models to live data traffic control. Even unforeseen disruptions of traffic flow, such as accidents, can be discovered and adequately treated. The project sTC-net represents the technically feasible basis for a comprehensive and dynamic traffic control system for the city of Salzburg.

The project is funded in the program IV2Splus Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (BMVIT / FFG).

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