Strategies for developing a high-quality cultural tourism environment.

Guntram Geser (2007): Strategies for developing a high-quality cultural tourism environment. Chapter 6. In: Hist.Urban. Integrated Revitalization of Historical Towns. Baseline Study. Prepared by the Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning, Germany, and the Centre for Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary.

Hist.Urban Project,

The revitalisation approaches described in the previous chapters to a large part focus on preserving and developing new and appropriate uses of the built cultural heritage of historic towns. The Hist.Urban project aims to strengthen the capacity of small and medium-size historic towns in making effective use of this heritage within an integrated and sustainable urban development. One important area of such a development is cultural tourism. The Hist.Urban partner Salzburg Research has carried out a study on tourism development strategies for historic towns. This chapter summarises important results and recommendations of the study.

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