Measurement-Based Admission Control in the AQUILA Network

Marek Dabrowski, Felix Strohmeier (2003): Measurement-Based Admission Control in the AQUILA Network and Improvements by Passive Measurements In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Architectures for Quality of Service in the Internet. Art-QoS 2003, Warsaw, Poland, March 24-25, 2003.

This paper discusses the application of measurement-based admission control methods for efficient resource utilization in the premium variable bit rate service of the AQUILA QoS IP network. The design of the architecture for measuring aggregate mean bit rate to support admission control is presented together with the results of testbed experiments with the prototype implementation. Additionally, the paper discusses possible improvements of the current approach by application of an admission control algorithm taking into account the bit rate variance of the traffic aggregates. A method for measuring the bit rate variance of traffic aggregates produced by MPEG video sources is proposed and verified by simulation and experiments.

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