KiWi – A Platform for Building Semantic Social Media Applications

Salzburg Research (2010): KiWi – A Platform for Building Semantic Social Media Applications

KiWi is a platform for building Semantic Social Media applications incorporating many innovative technologies that have matured through the research we have carried out in the project. After almost three years of research and development, it is now time to release what we have worked on to the public. We hope that you will find our system worthwhile – maybe you even consider building your own Social Media application on top of it?
This booklet, accompanying the KiWi 1.0 release, aims to summarize the key features offered by the platform and provide you with background information. But more importantly, this booklet also aims to tell you a bit about the people behind KiWi, the people who have worked almost three years on making the release happen. After all, software is not only for the people, it is also from people!
Each of the persons you will find here has his own view and visions regarding the platform. I hope you will enjoy reading what they think!
Salzburg, 1st October 2010
Sebastian Schaffert

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