INTERMON – Complex QoS/SLA analysis in large scale Internet.

Ulrich Hofmann, Ilka Miloucheva, Thomas Pfeiffenberger (2004): INTERMON – Complex QoS/SLA analysis in large scale Internet. In: WISICT 2004, Cancun Mexico, January 2004

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An advanced architecture for inter-domain QoS analysis, developed in the framework of European IST Project INTERMON1, for automation of tasks in the area of inter-domain QoS/SLA monitoring, connectivity planning and traffic engineering is presented. The main focus of the INTERMON toolkit is the integration of tools covering different aspects of QoS analysis in large scale Internet environment such as inter-domain topology discovery, QoS and traffic measurement, traffic modelling, QoS prediction, load scenario simulation, pattern and traffic matrix analysis with common data base access. Policy based control is a design concept of the INTERMON technology allowing the flexible selection, configuration and usage of tools included in the architecture for supporting of inter-domain QoS engineering and planning task. The usage of the tools in scenario for complex QoS/SLA analysis in large scale inter-domain connections is discussed. Particular case for discovering of abnormal QoS behaviour (e.g. QoS outliers) is demonstrated using real measurements within a transatlantic trial (Austria, Brazil).

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