Heritage Alive! Case Studies in Interactive Cultural Experiences.

Andreas Strasser, John Pereira (Ed.) (2008): Heritage Alive! Case Studies in Interactive Cultural Experiences. ISBN 3-902448-11-3

This publication looks at twelve examples of how new media and technologies can offer new forms of access to and presentation of cultural heritage (CH) content. A descriptive analysis approach (case study) is applied to identify emerging trends in didactic and narrative approaches to mediate cultural and historical information. The analysis work includes looking at technological requirements, user interface design, user navigation, usability and the use of mixed media (e.g. text, images, audio and video). A broad range of technological platforms are investigated from mobile applications (e.g. mobile tour guides), web-based applications (e.g. web-based virtual museums), CD-ROMs and DVDs to various other applications (e.g. fixed multimedia installations).

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