Electric Vehicles as Flexibility Assets: Unlocking Ecosystem Collaborations.

Michael Thelen, Guntram Pressmair, Markus Lassnig, Veronika Hornung-Prähauser (2023): Electric Vehicles as Flexibility Assets: Unlocking Ecosystem Collaborations. Leveraging Value Creation Partnerships for Mutually-beneficial Exchanges. In: Maastricht University Press.

The trend towards energy decentralization and innovations in data-driven e-mobility have given way to a new type of electric vehicle charging; namely, smart charging and vehicle-to-grid technologies. In order to unlock the full potential of electric mobility’s flexibility, an exploratory ecosystem approach is first warranted in order to uncover stakeholder requirements, activities and (inter-)dependencies. The purpose of this research is to lay the foundation for future resilient business models in the grid-aware mobility ecosystem, which require novel multi-stakeholder collaborations. Through rigorous exploratory ecosystem modeling, flexibility recipient taxonomies, and a co-creation workshop, we have sought to uncover stakeholder intricacies in order to improve the overall innovation ecosystem value proposition. The results suggest many novel perspectives which were not considered (such as the issue of double taxation) and several prospective cross-sector business opportunities for fleet operators, vehicle OEMs, aggregators, and even public parking spaces. Additionally, stakeholders vary considerably in terms of needs, value-adding activities, (inter-)dependencies, risk, and flexibility services provided/requested, which need to be weighed and overcome on an (inter-)sectoral level.

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