Digital Collections and the Management of Knowledge:

Mara R. Wade, Guntram Geser, John Pereira (2004): Digital Collections and the Management of Knowledge: Renaissance Emblem Literature as a Case Study for the Digitization of Rare Texts and Images

It is with great pleasure and honour to publish alongside our series of DigiCULT Publications a special edition on the digitization of emblem books. The twelve articles by distinguished experts stem from the working conference on emblem digitization held in September 2003 at the Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, Germany. They allow us to exemplify how scholars in a highly specialised area of research together with digital librarians have taken advantage of information technologies, standards, and emerging best practices for the digitization of emblems and emblem books, and the scholarly work related to them. In this volume readers will find valuable information as well as encouragement for their own projects in digitizing cultural heritage resources and digitally enhanced scholarship.

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