Online Survey: Potential of Cycling Mobility Data


The promotion of cycling is a fundamental building block for establishing sustainable mobility systems, livable cities and regions. Emerging technologies and a growing need for information have led to an increased demand for cycling data. In a short online survey, we are investigating how cycling data are currently used and which further potentials can be identified. We invite all experts, who are working in the broader field of cycling mobility, to donate five to eight minutes and participate in this survey:

The survey is also available in German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Please select the appropriate language on the landing page.

The survey is initiated and carried out by the University of Salzburg, Geoinformatics Department Z_GIS as part of a research project.

About Bicycle Observatory

The aim of the Bicycle Observatory project is to create a multi-dimensional, spatially differentiated picture of the situation of cycling through the combination of technical sensor data and socio-scientific survey data. This should better understand cycling as an overall system and its heterogeneity within the group of cyclists. The Bicycle Observatory’s contribution to establishing a comprehensive cycling culture will be evaluated in the domains of planning and politics, economics, research and within the cycling community. More information on the project website: Bicycle Observatory

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