„MINTwoch“: Journey Into The Research World


As part of the MINT:labs Science City Itzling, Salzburg Research and the University of Salzburg once again invited to a trip to the world of research in the Science City Itzling. The students of a third class at HAK I Salzburg were invited to immerse themselves in the world of natural sciences and technology when working directly with scientists.

3D Printing At Salzburg Research

The students had the opportunity to choose two out of three workshops for the morning. While the University of Salzburg offered two workshops in the fields of mathematics and geoinformatics, the youngsters were able to deal with 3D printing at the Salzburg Research workshop in the area of informatics and computer science: In the one-hour workshop, the students were explained how a 3D printer is structured, how it works and what the specific benefits and current application options (prototype development for training companies at school; application options in the health sector, in the food sector, in housing construction and transport) are. The last point in particular excited and fascinated the young people and teachers very much, so that now they are even considering buying their own 3D printer for the school. Then three-dimensional workpieces were planned, designed on the computer and then printed out by the 3D printer. This allowed the students to print out their own little works of art in 3D.


About MINT:labs And The Science City Itzling

The Science City Itzling is the knowledge and innovation cluster where university teaching, application-oriented research and technology-savvy startups meet. The establishment of the MINT:labs strengthens interdisciplinary cooperation and bundles the knowledge at the location. The departments Chemistry and Physics of Materials, Computer Science, Geoinformatics, Mathematics, the Center for Human-Computer Interaction, the School of Education of the University of Salzburg and Salzburg Research are involved.

Through targeted knowledge transfer in workshops, children and young people are enthusiastic about science and technology in the long term, get to know the training opportunities in the Science City Itzling and discover new professional fields.

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