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SWAIG: The Heated Fascia Roll With Effect


The start-up SWAIG developed a heatable fascia roll together with the open workshop Happylab in Salzburg. The role combines the advantages of a traditional fascia role with the comfort and positive qualities of massage and heat therapy. The collaboration between SMEs and the lab was developed through the networking project Labs4SMEs.

As part of the Innovation Challenge 2018, the project “heated foam roller – heated fascia roll” was selected by a jury in the Interreg Italia-Austria-funded project Labs.4.SMEs as one of four Salzburg cooperation projects. The aim of the cooperation project was to strengthen the cooperation between the company SWAIG of company founder Lukas Schwaiger and the open workshop HappyLab Salzburg and to support the implementation of the innovation project.

In the period from 10/2018 to 04/2019 intensive work was carried out on the implementation of different prototypes for heatable fascia rolls. Different possibilities of heating and various materials and approaches for a seamless sheathing of the roll were tested.

The hard foam roller is hollow inside. This also contains the electrically operated heating element. The role combines the advantages of a traditional fascia role with the comfort and positive qualities of massage and heat therapy. The device is designed for the simple and efficient treatment of tension, for the relief of pain and non-inflammatory diseases, as a prevention of injuries and as an enrichment of various sports training for warming up and regeneration.

In the future, the heatable fascia roll should not only be used by sporty and active people in the private sector, but also be used and distributed in professional physiotherapeutic practices.


The Project Labs4SMEs

The project Labs.4.SMEs (http://www.labs4smes.eu, 2016 – 2019) promoted in the Interreg Italisa-Austria aims to strengthen cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and labs in order to improve the innovation process to be more efficient, cheaper and faster in business. In addition to the realization of a web platform “ExploreInnoSpaces” (https://www.exploreinnospaces.eu), which serves as a meeting place for the virtual interaction between the labs and companies, a project idea competition took place in 2018. In total, 20 submitted cooperation projects were selected by a jury, which were implemented in the period 10/2018 to 04/2019 in support of a lab. Four of these cooperation projects come from Salzburg, one of which is the project “SWAIG – heated fascia role”.

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