Speeddating at BeSt Trade Fair


Experiencing up-to-the-minute research: Last Friday, pupils from the Werkshulheim Felbertal (Ebenau) and the Christian-Doppler-Gymnasium (Salzburg) met several researchers at the BeSt trade fair and questioned them about their training and daily work. For Salzburg Research, Eva Lugstein and Wolfgang Kremser, Research Field Geoweb- and Localization Technologies – MOWI, asked the questions of the young people.

The Speeddating dialogue event for high school students took place in the context of the BeSt³ – The Fair for Occupation, Study and Further Education in the exhibition center Salzburg. Young people exchanged views with experts on RTI topics (research, technology, innovation), discussing current research content and scholarly biographies. The students had the opportunity to get to know the researchers in person. All questions were allowed – whether to the training path, to their passion for technology or in general to their activity. For example, Wolfgang Kremser advised the young people: “The path to success is often not a straight line. But as long as you remain curious and willing to learn something new, everything is open to you.”

The dialogue events are organized by fti…remixed. The aim behind the event is to get students interested in technical or scientific careers and to give them guidance on how to continue after school.

fti…remixed had an interview in advance with Wolfgang Kremser: Preliminary interview with Wolfgang Kremser

Pictures: © fti…remixed

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