Good Deeds at Christmas: Our Christmas campaign 2017


Salzburg Research can once again look back on a successful year in 2017. For Christmas, we support this year the Anna-Bertha-Königsegg School for Children with Special Needs with different communication tools.

2017 is coming to an end and Salzburg Research can look back on another successful year in the field of the latest communication technologies: With the Digibus in the municipality of Koppl, we had the world’s first ever automated minibus on public roads, developed in the context of the study “Digital Transformation by Industrie 4.0 and new business models” seven recommendations for companies and tested various technologies for the 60+ generation with the research project ZentrAAL. In addition, we developed the smartphone app StauFux, which always transmits the latest traffic situation to road users and at the same time supports traffic planning. With the Christian Doppler Knowledge Platform, it created a digital memorial for the 175th anniversary year of the Doppler effect.

The festivities at the end of the year remind us once again to do something good for our fellow human beings. For this reason, we are again supporting the Anna-Bertha-Königsegg School for Children with Special Needs, Center for Inclusive and Special Education in Salzburg. Simple technical aids can achieve great things here in the learning life of children: speech output devices, special computer keyboards, simple learning programs and much more allow children with increased needs to have a say and be heard.

What’s in the gifts this year:

Under the wrapping paper there are communication aids worth about 1,400 Euro.

The fourth class may look forward to a new Apple iPad with a lot of space and a sturdy protective cover. The tablet is used for special exercises and the uncomplicated documentation of activities.

Matching the iPad, there is an iSwitch Button, with which physically handicapped children can operate small apps on the tablet wirelessly.

Also from the highly coveted “talking pens” this time will be given to the class 1a. Not and little talking children can ask questions, answer them or have a say in games. Speaking children improve their pronunciation and expand their vocabulary.

Managing Director Siegfried Reich and Julia Eder handed over this year’s donations on Thursday, December 14, as part of an Advent celebration with fourth and seventh grade pupils.

The entire Salzburg Research team wishes you happy holidays and a peaceful year 2018!

We also treat ourselves to a break: company holidays from 23.12.2017 to 7.1.2018
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