Best Paper Award for CARIMO-System


For the paper “Selection and Assessment of Activity Trackers for Enthusiastic Seniors”, the researchers Viktoria Willner, Harald Rieser, Verena Venek and Cornelia Schneider from Salzburg Research received the Best Paper Award. The paper was presented at ICT4AWE: The 3rd International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health, in Porto, Portugal.

The paper was about selecting a suitable activity tracker for the elderly. These rarely reach the recommended movement level. A corresponding movement tacker might motivate them to more activity. The choice was made with the Samsung Gear Fit2, which is going to be integrated into the CARIMO system.


A large percentage of older people do not achieve the recommended levels of health related activities. The planned CARIMO system addresses this problem and offers services and applications which motivate older users to do exercises and thus, improve their health. As additional incentive, an activity tracker is planned to be integrated in the CARIMO system. The paper describes the three-step process we defined to select a suitable device. First, available activity trackers were analysed according to a predefined criteria catalogue. Best ranked trackers were evaluated with a respect to usability and technical requirements. The Samsung Gear Fit2 offered a high range of functionality and was best ranked according to the usability evaluation.

So, we finally decided to integrate the Samsung Gear Fit2 in the CARIMO system.

The CARIMO system is developed in the research project CiM – Care in Movement.

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