New Field of Research: Logistics Optimization

The transport and logistics industry is a proven growth market, its projected growth rates exceed the average of all industries. Using mathematical models and algorithms,  the – often global – supply chains can be improved.

The new field of research “CLL – Computational Logistics Lab” develops advanced planning and optimization techniques for complex logistical challenges. These tools support planning decisions and help to minimize costs while increasing quality.

Since 2007, Salzburg Research conducts research on problems of transport logistics. Numerous research projects for route planning in different industries and with different requirements – such as transport of patients, waste disposal, ready-mix delivery and field service – and to route network optimization in public transport are currently being developed or have already been successfully implemented. Due to the tremendous increase in demand, this new field of research was now created. This also allows the portfolio to be extended to other areas of logistics, such as manufacturing and warehousing.

Services offered by the new Computational Logistics Lab:

  • Analysis and modelling of logistical tasks
  • Joint validation of the modelling, ideally with historical data by the customer
  • Development of tailored heuristics, metaheuristics, or hybrid solution methods
  • Analysis of the practicability of the procedures and determination of the expected savings potential
  • Implementing the chosen solution method in software modules and their integration into the existing IT infrastructure
  • Maintenance and enhancement of existing components
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