The TrailTRECer Framework

Erich Gams, Siegfried Reich (2002): The TrailTRECer Framework Applying Open Hypermedia Concepts to Trails In: J.UCS (Journal of Universal Computer Science) ?02, Special Issue for the Pre-Conference Workshop on Hypertext and Hypermedia at the 3rd International Conference on Knowledge Management I-KNOW

Being lost in space and overloaded with information are two key problems users are confronted with, when searching for appropriate information. Trails built from information about the users‘ browsing paths and activities, are an established approach to assist users in navigating vast information spaces. However, existing trail-based systems are focusing on browsers only and therefore do not fully exploit the notion of trails.

The TrailTRECer framework addresses these issues by being open to any application and any activity. The usability of the framework and the concept of user trails were tested by building a navigation support system with different trail-enabled clients.

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