Smart Media Archive.

Dietmar Glachs, Daniel Mitterdorfer (2007): Smart Media Archive. An Approach to Open Archives to Communities In: Hermann Maurer (Ed.). Journal of Universal Computer Science, Proceedings of I-MEDIA 07 and I-SEMANTICS

Nowadays, professional Media Asset Management systems are a standard tool for many organizations to manage their media assets. The classification of media must be sophisticated enough to remain stable throughout several decades. However, even the most sophisticated classification scheme covers only particular aspects of the archive domain. Furthermore, the public understanding of the domain may evolve over time. In our approach, the system is opened to communities which classify the media themselves building their own folksonomy. The folksonomy is analyzed using semantic technologies and then compared to the organization’s classification. Using this approach, the organization obtains two key benefits.
Firstly, knowledge can be adapted as the community notices different aspects of the organization’s media. Secondly, the organization can gain more insight about their community and can use this experience as a direct input in the product innovation process and therefore increase market orientation as well as customer retention.

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