ICTs and E-Learning in Austrian Schools

Guntram Geser, Thomas Olesch (2000): ICTs and E-Learning in Austrian Schools In: International Journal of Educational Policy, Research and Practice, Vol. 1, Nr. 3, Fall 2000, pp. 307-316.

This paper provides an overview of the status and prospects of e-learning in Austria and some conclusions from a three-year research project on the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in six Austrian schools. The overview presents measures already implemented or planned concerning networking of schools, online resources, teacher training, and expansion of „computer literacy“ and specific ICT-qualifications. For these topics the relevant background and trends are outlined. The conclusions drawn from the research project relate to the question of learning effects (vs. the „efficiency of learning“-theme), and problematic aspects which should not be missed in a non-fictitious picture of schools „going online“.

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