How Sports Scientists Explain Their Choice of Wearable.

Wolfgang Kremser, Sebastian Mayr (2022): How Sports Scientists Explain Their Choice of Wearable. In: Proceedings of the 9th International Performance Analysis Workshop and Conference & 5th IACSS Conference.

When selecting a wearable for sports science research, researchers may find themselves confronted with hundreds of feasible choices. Each device’s physical and functional properties have to be painstakingly weighed and compared against each other as well as the study design’s requirements. This scoping review is part of the design process for a wearable selection support tool. The review aims to identify wearable selection strategies. Out of the 109 included articles, none reported a reproducible wearable selection method. This result suggests the lack of a general wearable selection method that could be integrated into a support tool. Further examination of the wearable selection practice is necessary to better understand what goes into the choice of wearable and design the tool accordingly.

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