From Modelling to Designing: Streaming Network for Multi Tenant Digital Twin Platforms

Christoph Schranz, Mathias Schmoigl, Felix Strohmeier (2019): From Modelling to Designing: Streaming Network for Multi Tenant Digital Twin Platforms In: ICSNC 2019 : The Fourteenth International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications

Modern business models rely increasingly on the interoperability of various Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and software systems. Different tenants, like producers, operators, suppliers and maintainers, are interested in different aspects of the system and therefore require different data of an asset. As those tenants demand different subsets of data of a CPS, complex entangled data flows emerge that are difficult to depict efficiently using traditional peer-to-peer data streaming. Even though multiple generic streaming platforms exist, the actual problem of entangled data flows is often neglected. The purpose of this paper is to reduce the complexity of modern multi-tenant, cross-enterprise streaming networks. Methodically, the Reference Architecture Model for Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0) is exploited to conceptualize a streaming network architecture that enables the scalable sharing of data between multiple tenants independently of their domain. Based on this concept, a Digital Twin Platform will be designed which will help to realize smart city visions.

Keywords: CPS; Digital Twin; RAMI4.0; Industry 4.0; multi-tenant; multi-stakeholder; data streaming; streaming networks; smart-city;

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