Distributed Real-Time Applications.

Christian Schober (2004): Distributed Real-Time Applications. Diploma Thesis: Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Technologies

Diplomarbeit an der FH Salzburg, Studiengang Telekommunikationstechnik und -systeme (TKS), erstellt im Rahmen eines Praktikums bei Salzburg Research.

Abstract: Understanding the timing behavior of networking applications gets more and more important because new multimedia applications require defined upper bounds for runtime performance, called deadlines, in order to provide application to application quality of service (QoS). Tools for testing the quality of Internet links are used to address the problems of realtime connections using the omnipresent Internet. This thesis aims to make a cross-validation of the existing CmToolset framework for instrumentation of IP based network traffic. That is achieved by checking the conformity of the application to standards for actively measuring Internet traffic. Furthermore, the timing behavior of the measurement application is tested.

These tests resulted in figures showing the timing behavior of the CmToolset application, the results are showing, that it is a subtle problem to realize deterministic timing behavior with networking applications running on a standard operating system. To improve the results a possible solution is the usage of real-time JAVA, offering a good trade-off between overhead supporting the programmer and the runtime performance possible. Furthermore, it is possible to have a portable application running on different CPU architectures as well
as on different operating systems.

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