Concept of knowledge-based self-management pathways for the empowerment of diabetes patients

Holger Schmuhl, Hans Demski, Ilias Lamprinos, Asuman Dogac, Manuela Ploessnig, Claudia Hildebrand (2014): Concept of knowledge-based self-management pathways for the empowerment of diabetes patients In: EJBI 2014; 10(2):1216


  • Introduction: Diabetes requires a high level of disease management to be executed by the patient himself in order to succeed in treatment and for improving or at least preserving his health status.
  • Aim: The main objective of the presented project is to design and implement a web technology based application framework. It shall provide sucient means for self-management and enable patient empowerment within the treatment process. Its underlying concept will be outlined in this work.
  • Methods: Common techniques on requirements‘ engineering have been applied to derive an initial concept. It is based on a comprehensive state of the art analysis drawn from literature and web search.
  • Results: A service-oriented architecture could be drafted that enables interoperability with existing eHealth systems on a technical and semantic level. Pilots will be deployed in Germany and Turkey. Pilot specic requirements can be address as well due to its modular architecture.
  • Conclusion: The given concept gives a high level description of the envisaged approach. An initial prototype has been implemented. A second prototype is well on the way oering all major functionality and will be deployed within the pilot regions.

Keywords: Patient empowerment, self-management, pathways, decision support, medical records, diabetes, semantic integration

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