Co-Operative eLearning for SMES

Wolf Hilzensauer (2005): Co-Operative eLearning for SMES - Development and evaluation of a constructivist oriented e-Learning didactical approach, applied in an online course (WWI)

This document shall give an overview of the development and the evaluation of an innovative e-didactical approach and its implementation in an online course for innovation management for SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises). The didactical approach is set within the framework of Peter Senge’s theory of „The Fifth Discipline“ and Gilly Salmon’s „5-Step model“ and draws upon the „3 Pillars“ model, which was implemented and evaluated in the framework of the online course „Wissen“ Wandel – Innovation – Innovation Management for SMEs, conducted by Salzburg Research in 2004.

Unlike classical e-learning settings, the main focus of WWI was on the requirements of the participants and to encourage them to solve their problems in co-operation with one another. Supported by experts, tutors, and peers the participants gained knowledge by solving individual (realistic) problems, by working on innovative project-prototypes and by using a „community management system“ that provides generic learning material.

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