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Maintenance days’17: On the way to future-orientation maintenance

Apr 04-06 2017

From April 4 to 6, 2017, interns and experts from the field of maintenance and asset management will meet again at the branch meeting point “INSTANDHALTUNGSTAGE” in Klagenfurt. How does maintenance progress from the cost factor to the value-adding partner? What is the way to future-orientated maintenance? Industry sectors such as Bernecker + Rainer, H & H Systems, Steyr-Werner, MAGNA, EPLAN, GMP and Co. have already fixed their coming.

The broadest training and lecture program of the last 10 years will illuminate technical aspects such as management and future issues. Measuring the range of topics from strain and forces correctly, through maintenance optimization and maintenance 4.0 to management and innovation topics, shows how diverse maintenance is and the challenges faced by employees on a daily basis. [To the program (in German) >>]

04.-06. April 2017
Lakeside Science and Technology Park

On the day of the congress (06.04.2017) leading companies such as Greiner Packaging, Magna, EPLAN and GMP machine parts are going to share their experiences and give insights into their communities. At the same time, local and international companies are expected to attend the accompanying exhibition on April 6th.

We are looking forward to your visit to the Lakeside Science and Technology Park on 06.04.2017!