Problems With the WLAN?


Is your WiFi connection quickly overwhelmed or keeps breaking for inexplicable reasons? Salzburg Research is working on a tool that is intended to help track down wireless communication problems.

Many know it from their everyday life: The WLAN in the company or in your own home does not work as it should. Especially in times of increased requirements, problems with the WLAN become even clearer than before. Salzburg Research is currently working on a tool (consisting of hardware and software) that should detect problems with wireless communication and offer the opportunity for improvement.

Apply With Your WiFi Problem!

To test the prototype, we are now looking for companies and households in and around Salzburg that have specific problems with their WiFi. Register at with a brief description of your WLAN problem and your address (or the one with the problematic WLAN). We will take the corresponding Covid-19 measures into account in any case.

Please understand that we can only process a limited number of inquiries.

How to find us
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5020 Salzburg, Austria