Culture Fund Awards 2020: Jobs for MINT:labs


The MINT:labs Science City Itzling project was awarded the sponsorship prize for a project for children and young people by the City of Salzburg.

The prize, worth 6,000 euros, honors the work of the team around Arne Bathke (PLUS) and Siegfried Reich (Salzburg Research) who initiated the interdisciplinary pilot project MINT:labs.

The aim of the MINT:labs is to make children and young people enthusiastic about science and technology in the long term. Through exciting communication formats, they get to know the diverse training opportunities in Science City Itzling and discover new professional fields.

Förderpreis für Kinder- & Jugendprojekte / Kulturfonds der Stadt Salzburg 2020

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About MINT:labs

In the MINT:labs, those interested can immerse themselves in the research world of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. The primary target group are children and young people, both in class and outside of school. However, students and teachers are also involved.

As extracurricular learning locations, the laboratories offer experiments and workshops that complement the lessons, promote talent and provide insights into the everyday work of researchers. Under the motto “Experience tomorrow’s knowledge today!”, University and non-university research institutions in Science City Itzling are developing new communication formats.

As part of the workshop series on the “MINTwoch”, school classes, primarily between the 7th and 10th grade, are invited to get to know the world of natural sciences and technology firsthand in direct work with scientists.

This commitment secures the next generation of business and academics and thus counteracts the shortage of skilled workers. Due to the corona, virtual event formats have meanwhile been developed to enable research from home or from school.

MINT:labs is supported by funds from the Interreg Bavaria-Austria 2014-2020 funding program among others.

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About the Culture Fund Prizes of the City of Salzburg

Every year, the cultural fund of the state capital Salzburg honors innovative approaches and remarkable achievements in the fields of art & culture and science & research. The international main prizes and the prize for life’s work are endowed this year with 12,000 euros each, the Salzburg Prize with 10,000 euros plus sponsorships of 4,000 euros each, and the sponsorship prizes with 6,000 euros each.

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Press release on the Culture Fund Prize 2020: The Winners (German)

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