3D-Crowdprinting gegen Corona

3D Crowdprinting Against Covid-19


Sometimes things just have to be quick: Happylab called on owners of 3D printers to manufacture holders for so-called “Face Shields” – face shields made of plexiglass. Salzburg Research participated in this “crowdprinting” call with its own 3D printers. The production of a protective screen takes about eight hours. A total of 20 “Face Shields” brackets have been made in our house in the past few weeks.

3D-Crowdprinting gegen Corona

(c) Prusa

Together with other volunteers, a total of 240 plexiglass face shields were made in Salzburg. They are now being handed over to the city of Salzburg and mainly used for employees in retirement and nursing homes.

Security and Sterility

The 3D-printed parts are of course not medical protective equipment, but they can offer valuable help in everyday life for nursing staff. The finished printed parts are sterile due to the extrusion temperature. The individual parts were then packed with gloves and masks and handed over to Happylab for further distribution.

Should further needs arise, our 3D printers will be happy to serve the general public again. Do you also have a 3D printer? Then take part in this Happylab campaign: happylab.at/de_vie/covid19

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