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Numbers, Data, Facts: Intellecutal Capital Report


The Internet of Things (IoT) know-how is in great demand by companies: Salzburg Research is an IoT competence partner for the economy and discloses tangible and intabgible company factors in the current intellectual capital account.

The digital transformation has a major impact on our everyday lives and is changing many industries. With the Internet of Things, a new dimension comes into play: interaction and integration with physical things. New ideas, strategies and methods as well as business models are in demand here.

“The Internet of Things is disruptive. This will make completely new services, business models and value creation networks possible”, says Siegfried Reich, Managing Director of Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH. “As a non-university research institute, we support companies and organizations with new ideas, strategies, methods and business models.”

Numerous companies of all sizes and industries work with the research institute to solve digital problems or to develop new business areas. Research is being conducted in the fields of secure and scalable networking of IoT sensors, digital platforms, intelligent analysis of data from sensors and digitized processes, as well as business models and changed value creation networks.

Numbers, Data, Facts: Intellectual Capital Report 2018

2018 was characterized by strong growth: sales rose by 10 percent to 5.6 million euros. Overall, the number of employees (plus 15 percent), science staff (plus 20 percent) and the proportion of women in research (plus 15 percent) also saw large increases. Last year, Salzburg Research carried out research together with or on behalf of a total of 243 organizations, including 124 companies and 58 small and medium-sized enterprises.

In 2018, the research institute worked on 69 research and development projects. Every second research project involved Salzburg project partners and clients. Almost every second research activity was realized with small and medium-sized enterprises.

At 29 events for business, research and the public, Salzburg Research achieved a new visitor/record with more than 5,400 participants. About half of these events were devoted to technology or know-how transfer to companies.

The researchers looked after 20 diploma and four doctoral students, published 63 publications and held 102 lectures and presentations at conferences, workshops and events.

More highlights and results from 2018 are published in the Annual Report with an Intellectual Capital Report. Every year, the research institute discloses its material and immaterial business factors:

Download Annual Report with Intellectual Capital Report:


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