Digibus® With New Technology On Board


The automated Digibus® is back on the road – with some innovations on board. The new technologies of domestic companies help with passenger communication and positioning and are now being scientifically tested in real operation.

In the Austrian flagship project “Digibus® Austria”, a top-class consortium headed by Salzburg Research is researching and testing the reliable and safe operation of automated minibuses in local public transport. Independence and driving safety of autonomous vehicles should be further improved. For this purpose, measures for communication between the vehicle and other road users as well as in the field of technical infrastructure are being investigated.

Digibus® Austria in Koppl

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For the first time in Austria, an ITS G5 infrastructure was built by Kapsch TrafficCom for the test of automated driving away from the highway or from cities in the municipality of Koppl in Austria. The European standard ITS G4 (5.9 GHz) enables extensive traffic networking (V2X – Vehicle-to-everything). With the help of V2X vehicles and traffic infrastructure know each other for the first time and exchange data with each other. The Kapsch TrafficCom V2X 5.9 GHz on-board unit in the automated Digibus® transmits a message up to 10 times a second. In the lead project Digibus® Austria the transmission of correction data for high-precision satellite positioning is tested via ITS-G5. The Digibus® uses the correction data to compensate for errors in the satellite signals – positioning accuracy in the centimetre range is thus possible.

Another technical innovation in the bus is concerned with passenger communication. Commend International is exploring with the consortium what information and interaction options passengers need in an autonomous vehicle. Intercom stations were installed in the Digibus® as well as in the center of Koppl. This allows passengers to make inquiries or report problems. At the moment the request is forwarded to a control center, in the future simple, recurring inquiries can be answered with the help of chatbots.

For more information see: Digibus® Austria: Neue Technologien für automatisiertes Fahren werden in Salzburg getestet (in German)

Digibus® Austria Website: www.digibus-austria.at

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