Best Poster Award: Multilingual Speech Control for ROS-Driven Robots


Our colleague Dominik Hofer designed a multilingual voice control for robots that have a ROS interface at their disposal. The Open Source Robot Operating System (ROS) serves as a middleware to program robots regardless of manufacturer. This allows multiple robots to be connected to the controller at the same time and commands to be executed. Multilingualism should allow users to interact with the robots in their preferred language – an important contribution to usability. The commands that are recognized by the voice control are variable. To provide security for users, no Internet connection is required for voice control.

For this, Dominik Hofer (Salzburg Research) received the Best Poster Award at the Austrian Robotics Workshop 2019.

Example implementation on the robot arm:

The Austrian Robotics Workshop will bring together researchers, experts and practitioners working on various topics of robotics to discuss current developments and challenges of robotics and its applications.

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