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Looking for Pioneers for Real-Time Traffic Information


In professional or travel traffic it quickly comes to delays. Together with Salzburg Research, the state of Salzburg is looking for companies that provide their fleet data. This way, congestion or even delays after accidents can be recorded in real time. Citizens can access this data live on the Internet and plan trips with pinpoint accuracy. The more vehicles transmit their data, the more accurately the current traffic situation can be displayed. Now we are searching for companies, that are willing to participate with their car pools.

Financial Support for Equipment of Company Fleets

Specifically addressed are companies with a fleet of about 20 vehicles that equip their vehicles with a telematics system that supports the positioning system GPS. Telematics systems permanently record data for the movement of the vehicle. These are sent to a server and then evaluated. Those companies that provide the collected data from Salzburg Research will now receive financial support from the state: a contribution of 50 Euros per vehicle will be paid out. The prerequisite is that the companies have their headquarters and their main field of activity in the province of Salzburg.

Data is completely anonymized

For the data provided, which is called Floating Car Data (FCD), the state research company guarantees complete anonymization. It is not possible to access the data of the individual driver or the distance covered.

Salzburg Research has set up its own model region on this topic. The first data can already be accessed on the Internet at srfg.at/verkehrslage or with the StauFux-App on mobile devices. Further information is available on the website of the State of Salzburg.

Source: Landeskorrespondenz

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