ICT Competence in the Science:City Itzling

On October 11th, 2017, Wilfried Haslauer visited the Science city in Itzling and convinced himself on the ground of the current research work. In addition to the Salzburg Research Association, among others the Department of Geoinformatics-Z_GIS and the Center for Human Computer Interaction of the University of Salzburg are also based in Salzburg-Itzling. Current topics in research are, for example, digital twins in the maintenance of the future, active mobility in the urban space and new forms of interaction between man and machine.

“The development of the Science City in Itzling is a quantum leap for the scientific and research center of Salzburg. The Salzburg Research Association, the institutes of the University of Salzburg, such as the materials science, geoinformatics and the Center for Human Computer Interaction, as well as the Techno-Z and the HappyLab, have created a real competence center that provides important impulses for the ICT region of Salzburg”, explains governor Dr. Wilfried Haslauer during his visit on October 11, 2017. “The various institutions are working closely together for concrete projects, benefiting from the technical and digital expertise and the dynamics of the people who are researching and working here.”

Crystallization Point for ICT Research in Salzburg

In recent years, Itzling has developed into the crystallization point for ICT research in Salzburg. The Salzburg Research Association has been located in the Techno-Z for more than 15 years. In addition to other institutes of the University of Salzburg, the Department of Geoinformatics-Z_GIS settled in Itzling in 2004 and the Center for Human Computer Interaction in 2017.

In addition to the spatial proximity of these research institutes, there are also technological and content synergies that are used for joint research. A framework agreement on research cooperation between the University of Salzburg and Salzburg Research, already concluded in 2003, forms the basis for this cooperation. For example, Salzburg Research and Z_GIS are working together with other well-known partners in the Urban Mobility Laboratory Salzburg to develop innovative solutions for personal mobility and logistics in the central Salzburg region. The Center for Human Computer Interaction and Salzburg Research are part of an Austrian consortium for the research and development of technologies that are useful to people in production (research project: MMAssist).

Data Glasses: Hands Free by Digitization

At Salzburg Research, everything was about the so-called digital twins during the visit of the governor Haslauer: the research company accompanies companies on the way to maintenance 4.0. Depending on the individual challenges of the company, a tailor-made toolbox is offered. “Employees in maintenance are confronted with ever more complex systems. Information technology supports people in their work processes”, says Salzburg Research Managing Director, Univ.-Doz. Dr. Siegfried Reich. By digital imaging of processes and installations in the same digital twins, maintenance workers are given access to always exactly the information that is needed in the current situation. One example of this is data glasses: while the hands remain free, information about the system and the instructions for maintenance measures can be displayed directly on the spot via the glasses. (Research project: MCC – Maintenance Competence Center)

The interdisciplinary Faculty of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS presented the project GISMO (Geographical Information Support for Healthy Mobility). Together with sports physicians and mobility and transport experts, the health benefits of active commuter mobility are explored here.

The Center for Human Computer Interaction deals with the interfaces between human and technology in all conceivable situations. Currently, the researchers are working on how digital technologies can be combined with conventional materials for the design of interactive furniture.

More information in the press release (German): Geballte IKT-Kompetenz in der Science:City: LH Haslauer überzeugt sich von aktueller IKT-Forschung in Itzling

Pictures: (c) Salzburg Research/wildbild

Title picture: Siegfried Reich (Salzburg Research), Governor Wilfried Haslauer, Josef Strobl (Z_GIS), Manfred Tscheligi (Center for Human-Computer Interaction).

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