Maintenance 4.0

The exploratory project “Maintenance 4.0” attempts to answer the question what changes and challenges will be posed by new networked technologies on industrial maintenance.

The Austrian partner companies Bilfinger Chemserv, Dankl + partner and Messfeld have big plans under the coordination of Salzburg Research: Together they want to explore the buzzword Industry 4.0 and the associated promises of “networked things” and self-organizing units. How influences the trend towards virtualization and networking the processes, methods and strategies of maintenance ? What are the opportunities, threats and opportunities arising from the use of Internet technologies for the industry? How do we protect ourselves against unwanted access to data of machines and sensors? What does it mean for employees in maintenance organizations?

Research goal is to develop a “roadmap maintenance 4.0” for Austria based on the “Implementation Recommendations for the Future Project Industry 4.0” of the German Working Group for Industry 4.0 . The result will be of great help for the currently prevailing uncertainty in manufacturing companies: pioneering aspects and issues will be made visible and tangible. The results will provide a strategic input to the Austrian activities around industry 4.0. First results are expected in the fall.

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