Patient Empowerment Framework for Cardiac Patients

Robert Mulrenin, Manuela Plößnig, Mihai Radulescu, Gökçe Banu Laleci, Catherine Chronaki and Yildiray Kabak (2011): Patient Empowerment Framework for Cardiac Patients In: MIE2011, 28.-31.8.2011, Oslo

Abstract. The iCARDEA Patient Empowerment Framework (PEF) provides a core architecture supporting services for patient empowerment and a Personal Health Record (PHR) system. The iCARDEA PEF supports key issues of patient empowerment such as managing the patients own health data, offering access to relevant health information, enabling self-management and facilitating a trustful patient-physician relationship. Additionally, the iCARDEA PEF architecture should emphasize interoperability and integration features to support patient empowerment functionalities with other personal health applications.
Keywords. Patient Empowerment, PHR, Interoperability, iCARDEA, CIED, Cardiology

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