Open Educational Practices and Resources.

Guntram Geser (Ed.) (2007): Open Educational Practices and Resources. OLCOS Roadmap 2012. Salzburg: Salzburg Research, January 2007

As a Transversal Action under the European eLearning Programme, the Open e-Learning
Content Observatory Services (OLCOS) project carries out a set of activities that aim at fostering
the creation, sharing and re-use of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Europe and beyond.
OER are understood to comprise content for teaching and learning, software-based tools
and services, and licenses that allow for open development and re-use of content, tools and
The OLCOS road mapping work was conducted to provide decision makers with an overview
of current and likely future developments in OER and recommendations on how various
challenges in OER could be addressed.
While the results of the road mapping will provide some basis for policy and institutional
planning, strategic leadership and decision making is needed for implementing measures that
are likely to promote a further uptake of open educational practices and resources.
OER are understood to be an important element of policies that want to leverage education
and lifelong learning for the knowledge economy and society. However, OLCOS emphasises
that it is crucial to also promote innovation and change in educational practices.
In particular, OLCOS warns that delivering OER to the still dominant model of teachercentred
knowledge transfer will have little effect on equipping teachers, students and workers
with the competences, knowledge and skills to participate successfully in the knowledge
economy and society.
This report emphasises the need to foster open practices of teaching and learning that are
informed by a competency-based educational framework. However, it is understood that a shift
towards such practices will only happen in the longer term in a step-by-step process. Bringing
about this shift will require targeted and sustained efforts by educational leaders at all levels.
The road mapping work covers the following areas:
| Policies, institutional frameworks and business models,
| Open Access and open content repositories,
| Laboratories of open educational practices and resources.
For each of these areas, drivers/enablers and inhibitors of OER and open educational
practices are identified and described in detail. The results are summarised in Roadmap Briefs,
which may be used as starting points for discussing initiatives in OER and open educational
practices on a strategic level.

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