Grab your future with an e-portfolio

Graham Attwell, Agnieszka Chrzaszcz, Wolf Hilzensauer, Veronika Hornung-Prähauser, John Pallister (2007): Grab your future with an e-portfolio - Study on new qualifications and skills needed by teachers and career counsellors to empower young learners with the e-portfolio concept and tools - Summary report. Poland.

MOSEP experiments with the use of electronic portfolios as a means of supporting both the adolescents and the teaching and counselling staff working with young learners during transition phases. A strong European partnership from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and the UK is working closely with a network of experts across Europe to produce an e-portfolio toolkit specifically designed for initial and inservice teacher trainers and vocational counsellors. This toolkit will include an e-portfolio training course, which will be developed during the two-year project. The purpose of this study is to provide insights for the course developers and to serve as background material for all e-portfolio trainers in the growing e-portfolio community and beyond.

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