DigiCULT.Info IV

John Pereira et.al. (2003): DigiCULT.Info IV DigiCULT Newsletter

Focus on the use of 3D visualisation technologies in archaeological study – the emulation of BBC Domesday – introduction to LESTER and ESDS – a discussion of the YLE sound archive.

Welcome to the fourth DigiCULT.Info. This issue focuses on the following topics:

The rescue of the BBC Domesday project, which provides an important look into the dangers of technological obsolescence, and consequent struggle to unlock the data. The results of the ORION survey, which point to a stronger than expected take-up of 3D in archaeology museums.

YLE, Finland’s national public service broadcasting company, has adopted a full digital radio archive solution, in this article they share their experience in designing and creating this digital sound archive. Lisa Spiro introduces the Learning Science and Technology Repository (LESTER), a gateway to events, discussion and information in the development of learning technologies.

The article „Digital Object Identifier System“ examines how DOIs can help to manage intellectual property in the digital environment.

Finally, the „News in the Spotlight“ section includes amongst others: business models of news website, the US National Plan for preserving digital information, and, a report on preserving e-mail.

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