ImportNet – Intelligente, modulare Open-Source Plattform für interkulturelle und Cross-Domain KMU-Netzwerke

ImportNET will  provide a framework which builds a base to support cross-domain engineering (mechanics, electronics, embedded software) tasks within an intercultural collaboration in an efficient way.

There are highly dedicated applications (e. g. PDM, E-CAD, M-CAD) available for each engineering domain considered in ImportNET, but existing solutions for bridging between domains are still inefficient. The highly specialized domain tools overlap only partly over the domains concerning the functionality they provide. Due to the fact that the application of the other domain does not understand some concepts (like “inductor” on mechanical side) it is not possible to solve this issue by means of any exchange. ImportNET does not aim to replace any existing application but to provide a semantical coherent solution which supports cross-domain engineering services.

ImportNET will provide both:

  • An integration framework for which allows an efficient semantical integration of existing domain applicationsTarget group: IT integrators/consulting enterprises (more)
  • An advanced ready-to-use solution for engineering tasks (e.g. synchronization of electronic and mechanical design)Target group: SMEs in the area of mechatronic product development (more)


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