The ROBxTASK architecture for interoperability of robotic systems

Georg Weichhart, Andreas Pichler, Felix Strohmeier, Mathias Schmoigl, Helmut Zörrer (2021): The ROBxTASK architecture for interoperability of robotic systems In: 2021 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 & IoT (MetroInd4.0&IoT) - Special Session #16 - Zero Defect Manufacturing

The research project ROBxTASK addresses the start-up or ramp-up phases for processes that involve robots. This phase is important in Zero Defect Manufacturing, where continuous adaptations are needed to avoid problems in the process. The research project has started in 2020 and an architecture is developed, that allows to transfer collaborative processes across different robotic systems. In this paper, the initial goals and the first architectural and methodological considerations leading to the conceptual design of the collaborative platform ROBxTASK are discussed. The platform enables different types of collaborative co-workers – with or without prior experience in programming – to define and adapt robotic behaviour for their work environment. Robotic behaviour is modelled using a process description language. The researched robotic solutions will be reusable across different domains of application (e.g. manufacturing in industry or healthcare) and different types of robots with similar properties (e.g. different robotic arm, mobile order pickers or social service robots). These solutions can be shared on the platform.


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