Paraconsistent Reasoning for the Semantic Web

Sebastian Schaffert, F. Bry, P. Besnard, H. Decker, S. Decker, C. Enguix, A. Herzig (2005): Paraconsistent Reasoning for the Semantic Web (Position Paper) In: Workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web (URSW05) at ISWC05, Galway, Ireland, November 2005

Due to the Semantic Web’s decentralised and distributed
management, contradictory information is
and will remain frequent. However, classical reasoning
systems fail to work properly in the presence
of inconsistencies, because they implicitly or
explicitly assume the ex contradictione quod libet
(ECQL) principle stating that anything follows
from contradictory premises. Paraconsistent reasoning
challenges this ECQL principle.
Stressing practical cases of reasoning on the Web,
this position paper first argues that paraconsistent
reasoning is likely to become a key issue for successful
deployment of the Semantic Web. Then, it
briefly introduces the main approaches to date to
paraconsistent reasoning.

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