Offering open hypermedia services to the WWW.

Nikos Karousos, Ippokratis Pandis, Manolis Tzagarakis, Siegfried Reich (2003): Offering open hypermedia services to the WWW. A step-by-step approach for developers. In: Proceedings WWW9, Budapest 2003, pages 482-489

Hypermedia systems and more specifically open hypermedia systems (OHS) provide a rich set of implementations of different hypertext flavors such as navigational hypertext, spatial hypertext or taxonomic hypertext. Additionally, these systems offer component-based modular architectures and address interoperability between hypertext domains. Despite multiple
efforts of integrating Web clients, a widespread adoption of OHS technology by Web developers has not taken place. In this paper it is argued that Web Services – which offer a component model for Web applications – can be integrated in OHSs. An architectural integration is proposed, a step-by-step process is outlined and an example of integration is provided. This very approach is aimed to benefit both worlds: the Web community with new rich hypermedia functionality that extends the current navigational hypermedia, and the OHS community by opening its tools and platforms to the many developer groups of the Web community.

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