Finance in the Internet and Multimedia Industries

Heinz Mayringer (2001): Finance in the Internet and Multimedia Industries A Company Survey

The present survey mainly focussed on financing in the internet and multimedia industries. It should provide empirical evidence on how companies operating in these lines of business are financed and which experiences they made with investors. On the part of the investors, most interest was on equity investors. However, in order to gain insight into the companies’ financing structure creditors were taken into consideration as well.

To provide a framework of reference to data on finance, several aspects of the companies’ operations were addressed. Among the most important were the line of business the companies are active in, revenue sources and annual sales. A group of questions dealt with the market position of the companies as well as the execution of market studies.

The present study was conducted in the context of the project “CheckCHANCES – E-Content Entrepreneurs & Risk Capital Financing” within the eContent Programme of the European Commission.

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