Check your Chances [Handbook + CD-ROM]

Heinz Mayringer (2002): Check your Chances [Handbook + CD-ROM] Corporate Financing in the Growth Industries - Basics, Tools & Case Studies

A comprehensive set of learning content on corporate financing is presented. The different forms of financing (equity vs. debt, intermediate forms) and various sources of financing (banks, public funding, business angels, venture capitalists, strategic investors, shareholders) are described. This general part is supplemented by an overview of typical phases of financing and situations with high financing demand.

Practical guidance is given with respect to venture capital financing. Concerning an initial public offering, requirements and steps in preparation and administration are described. For entrepreneurs there is a comprehensive section providing basic knowledge, practical tips and a financial planning tool for the preparation of a business plan. Important terminology is explained in a comprehensive glossary on financial and business administration terms.

By means of commented case studies the financial and operational development of well known companies of the growth industries are illustrated (e.g.

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