Vienna-SPIRIT – Combining Intermodal Traveller Information with Onboard/Offboard Navigation Services

Stefan Bruntsch, Karl Rehrl (2005): Vienna-SPIRIT – Combining Intermodal Traveller Information with Onboard/Offboard Navigation Services In: The European Navigation Conference - GNSS 2005, Munich, Germany, 19-22 July 2005

This paper introduces conceptual and implementation approaches for an intermodal traveller information and navigation system which combines offboard route planning and onboard/offboard navigation. This intermodal traveller information system was developed within the Austrian research project Vienna-SPIRIT funded by the national programme „I2- Intelligent Infrastructure“ (BMVIT).
forecast high potentials of travellers willing to use alternative means of transport if provided with intermodal traveller information and having travel time advantages. Furthermore it is expected, that
intermodal traveller information can contribute to the increase of public transport use and road network efficiency.

Within the project Vienna-SPIRIT, a pilot traveller information system was implemented and tested. The focus was on the integration of existing route planning and information services in one system providing integrated, context-based and intermodal traveller information support and on the
utilisation of available navigation capabilities for on-trip route guidance. The user can access this intermodal traveller information from car navigation systems as well as from mobile devices such as
handhelds and smart phones. After the successful tests transfer to operation and further developments are planned in several respects.

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