Semi-Automated Identification Of Potential Adverse Drug Events

Plößnig M, Schuler J , Hansbauer B , Stroka S1, Engel T , Hofer-Dückelmann C , Radulescu M1, Adlassnig K-P (2012): Semi-Automated Identification Of Potential Adverse Drug Events In: eHealth2012, 10-11 Mai, 2012, Wien

Abstract: The amount of drugs used in medical care leads to an increased risks of Adverse Drug Events (ADEs). With the iMedication project we aim at identifying ADEs in hospitals at an early stage, through the use of triggers. The paper presents the classification of such triggers and the distributed knowledge sources supporting trigger checks. The assessment of ADEs and the collaborative reporting process for reviewing suspicious ADEs are described.
Keywords: medication, adverse drug event, trigger, medical expert system

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