Inferencing of inter-domain path characteristics based on active end-to-end QoS monitoring

Thomas Pfeiffenberger, Ilka Miloucheva, Ulrich Hofmann, Ali Nassri (2003): Inferencing of inter-domain path characteristics based on active end-to-end QoS monitoring scenario studies in emulation environment In: IPS Workshop Salzburg Austria, February 2003

In order to study QoS and SLAs in inter-domain environment, network tomography mechanisms could be applied to inference inter-domain network characteristics from end-to-end observations. QoS estimates can be used by Internet Service Providers and corporate users to evaluate and validate the QoS as provided by the Autonomous systems.

In this paper, a practical approach to inference statistical and model characteristics of inter-domain QoS based on active end-to-end QoS monitoring is discussed. The focus is a systematic approach for analysis of spatiotemporal composition of end-to-end QoS in interdomain evironment based on active QoS monitoring combined with estimation of „hidden“ unobservable inter-domain QoS impacting the end-to-end traffic. In order to validate the inter-domain tomography approach for spatial composition of end-to-end application QoS, we establish an emulation environment which models realistic topologies and utilises real network traces.

We studied practical scenarios for estimating of spatial composition of emulated end-to-end VoIP traffic using the CM Toolset as active end-to-end QoS monitoring tool with integrated technologies for estimation of „hidden“ unobservable spatial QoS of the end-to-end connection.

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