A New Agent-Based Approach towards Distributed IP Measurements

Thomas Fichtel, Thomas Pfeiffenberger, Roland Kwitt, Ulrich Hofmann (2006): A New Agent-Based Approach towards Distributed IP Measurements In: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Networking, Mauritius, 2006 (Best Paper Award)

The Communication Measurement Tool II (CMT II) is a framework for comprehensive IP measurements. The main objective of CMT II is to provide an overall picture of a network. Regarding this point, CMT II operates on different layers of the OSI layer model and is designed to allow further extensions for upcoming new protocols, networks and applications. Unlike other measurement tools, CMT II can be employed in wireless or mobile scenarios as well, in order to study the behavior of wireless and mobile data transmissions. This paper provides an introduction into the CMT II architecture, its measurement possibilities and the supported analysis methods.

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