Nachbericht: Semantic Enterprise Technologies in Action


Salzburg Research ist Koordinator des renommierten EU-Forschungsvorhaben „IKS“ und vermittelt bei dieser Veranstaltung sowohl heimischen wie auch der internationalen Wirtschaftsvertretern die Vorteile dieser Forschungsergebnisse.  Sehen Sie selbst, was Linked Data und ausgereifte semantische Open Source-Anwendungen für Ihr Unternehmen bzw. Ihr Content Management System zu bieten haben.

Scope of Event

The benefits of linked data and advanced semantic applications have been documented in many different articles and research papers, and many companies are adopting some form of semantic web technology to solve IT problems or extend their feature list. The question whether to become an early adopter or follower is still open to debate, and nowhere is this more relevant than in enterprise content management.


What you will see and learn…

  • overview of enterprise and intranet search platforms and solutions
  • value of including semantics in your business
  • overview of semantic enabled technologies: Promise vs. Already in use
  • demonstration of tools for creating your own semantic enabled business
  • showcase of industry application scenarios – where are the markets?
  • market adoption use cases: return on investment assessment
  • access to a network of developers and users.

What is on Offer…

  • Keynote Presentations by renowned experts in the semantic and enterprise search space,
  • Handson tutorial on how to run IKS Technology with your technology stack
  • IKS Demo Sessions – Apache Stanbol and VIE
  • Semantic Technology in Action – learn from IKS early adopters
  • Practical assistance with bringing semantic capabilities to your CMS and business workflows.

Who should attend?

For CIOs IT Managers and developers who want to learn about how semantic technologies will change the way information is managed and consumed. Move ahead of your competition by getting involved in a project that is defining future standards in information and content management. This event is also an excellent opportunity to meet with other CIOs and IT Managers to discuss how information will be managed in the future.



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