Today’s health care system is faced with changing needs and demands caused by an increasingly aging society, growing planning and documentation requirements, and complex methods of treatment. That’s why ICT support has become a key aspect of health care politics over the past years. With its research focus on e-Health, Salzburg Research seeks to facilitate innovation in the health care segment.


Information and communication technologies and technological innovations have become an indispensible part of the tourism industry. Mobile and web-based services offer travelers the chance to access information on current offers, events and geographic facts on their holiday destination via the internet or smartphones. With the digitalization of the entire tourism value chain from bookings to on-site orientation, this industry offers great potential for optimization.


The world’s energy systems are currently undergoing a radical change that affects individuals as well as the society as a whole. The change is provoked by a multitude of factors like the limited availability of conventional energy sources, increased energy costs, new legal regulations, and the renunciation of energy monopolies. At the same time, information and communication technologies (ICT) are massively influencing the energy market and today they are playing a more significant role than ever before. This convergence of the ICT and energy domain is referred to as “e-Energy”.


Manufacturing merges with IT: Information and communication technologies and the Internet are moving industry into a new era. Automation with electronics and IT (industry 3.0) is followed by convergence of the Internet with cyber-physical systems (industry 4.0): Work to be done is no longer controlled centrally, but the work-piece itself organizes its production and all operational steps. This results in highly flexible processes and a strenghtening of the competitiveness of European industry.