Overview Research Topics

Health & Sports

Today’s health care system is facing several challenges: An increasingly aging society or changing work processes, which adversely affect health. Salzburg Research seeks to facilitate innovation in the fields of Active and Assisted Living, sports and kinesiology as well as prevention and rehabilitation. Technologies & methods: User-oriented system development, Analyses of user and sensor data, Development of Geoweb and localization technologies, Analysis, selection and evaluation of hardware and software components, System-based support for innovative ideas and new processes in the health sector, Initiation and management of pilot projects, Support in business model development and preparation for market launch


The Experience Economy, the Internet of Everything, new mobile services, wearable technologies and online communities etc. require smart innovation support in the dynamic value-added networks of the tourism, sports and leisure industries. With the trend towards digital product service bundles, more and more innovative potentials in the service sector are also being made available to the manufacturing industry. Salzburg Research provides information and communication technologies and support for innovation along the value chains. Technologies & methods: Open innovation tools & processes, Conceptualisation of interactive geoweb applications, Benchmarking and policy evaluation, Analyses of innovation potentials, Online community analyses, Development of concepts based on user-needs, Best Practice analyses


In the energy sector there exist numerous opportunities for radical change through sustainable energy use. More and more renewable energy as well as the increasing penetration of information and communication technology (ICT) are driving this progress. Salzburg Research conducts research on conceptual and technological future solutions in order to meet these challenges in a sustainable manner. Technologies & methods: Messaging Middleware, Software-defined networking, Network function virtualisation, Testbeds Co-Simulation


Digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) have a huge impact on the way we will live and work in the future. We investigate and develop technologies that you can use to optimise your processes, products and equipment and we can assist you in developing a customised data and digitalisation strategy for your enterprise. Technologies & methods: Cyber-physical product design, Digital Twin – semantic product life cycle management, Maintenance 4.0, Data security and privacy, Digitalisation and data strategies


Digitalization is one of the key innovation drivers in the area of passenger and goods mobility: it enables flexible and efficient linking of mobility offers. This makes mobility an ubiquitously available and increasingly automated service. Navigation, disposition or automated driving – Geoweb and localization technologies are the basis of many solutions. Salzburg Research conducts research on methods and technologies for the realization of these mobility services. Technologies & methods: Real time localisation, Interactive geoweb applications, Location-based web and mobile services, Spatiotemporal analysis of motion data.


As a global infrastructure, the Internet offers an enormous potential for innovation in new and emerging applications. Salzburg Research offers applied research on the technical foundations of communication technologies and measurement infrastructures: quality assessment of networks and distributed systems, planning and development of reliable IP networks as well as network monitoring and network management. Technologies & methods: Reliable Internet and network technologies, Software-defined networking, Network function virtualisation, Testbeds, Performance evaluation and monitoring of complex communication systems, 5G and other wireless networks, Data transmission security


Salzburg Research supports companies and organisations in the digital transformation by means of innovation studies and scientifically tested, effective methods and tools. The focus lies on the uncertain and risky early phase of innovation management (ideation, prototyping and early market entry). We systematically observe external drivers of innovation, identify real customer needs and innovation potentials or analyse innovation strategies and networks. We search for best practices and evaluate concepts for product, service and process innovations. Together with you and the “crowd” we explore how to exploit new digital technologies and competences. Technologies & methods: Innovation foresight, roadmapping & scenario building, Open (digital) innovation and change methods, tools & processes, Business model innovation methods, Online-surveys, case studies and trend analyses, Benchmarking and policy evaluation, Novel innovation and change management methods & skills