Long Night of Research 2020

Oct 09 2020

Research to Attack and Astonish: Salzburg Research also presents the latest highlights form research at the Austria-wide Long Night of Research.

9 October 2020, 5 pm to 11 pm
Science City Itzling, Salzburg
as well as at many other research institutions in Salzburg and throughout Austria

At the Science City Itzling location, Salzburg Research has prepared the following stations for you:

Long Night of Research: The Stations of Salzburg Research

G1: What does your smartphone reveal about your whereabouts?

We all have it with us all the time, it accompanies us in all our ways: our cell phone. But be careful! It could reveal details about you that you’d rather keep to yourself. Because: We may know where you were last summer, last week, or yesterday. And we don’t even have to hack into your phone. Psst! We also reveal how you can protect yourself better!

G2: Why do automated vehicles need reliable broadband?

It is not entirely without people: automated vehicles sometimes come into situations in which they themselves do not know what to do – a person must intervene. Even if the control center is miles away, communication must work reliably. Test for yourself how challenging it is to control a vehicle remotely when delay interferes with communication.

G3: Can social robots recognize our feelings?

More and more people suffer from loneliness in old age or are challenged with self-management of chronic diseases. Social robots can be a helpful support here: They recognize our feelings – through facial expressions or through our language – and can react sensitively and individually and offer help. Talk to different social robots and smile with them.

G4: The collaborative robot – your new colleague?

Some things people can do better, other things robots can do better. Together they become an unbeatable team and can complement each other perfectly in their respective strengths. Test for yourself how humans and robots work hand in hand – and which stumbling blocks have to be overcome here. Shake the hand of a collaborative robot and teach it a new movement.

G5: How strong is the Salzburg heart for sustainability?

Innovative sustainability initiatives often have a problem: too few users. A research project wants to help here with digital and behavioral intervention mechanisms: use the bike and collect heartbeats! Become a bad weather cyclist of the month, pedal for your district in the City District Challenge or exchange earned heartbeats for attractive vouchers.

G6: Swarm intelligence for creative solutions?

Salzburg Residents know best where innovative ideas for Salzburg are needed. That is why we offer a space on the Open Innovation Platform Salzburg for all creative minds who have new ideas and sustainable solutions for Salzburg’s future. Find out more about Open Innovation, become part of the crowd and help shape our state!


G7: How far is your company digitized?

Would you like to know how far your company is digitized? Best compared to other, similar companies? Find out – with the Digital Readiness Check. Do the self-assessment: after only seven minutes you will receive a graphical representation of the digital status of your company.

G8: Can technology make movement more enjoyable?

Exercise is the key to health – even in old age. But when everything pinches and hurts, the motivation is in the basement. Technology can help here: sensors provide feedback on the correct execution of the movement. We have developed a fitness system together with older people: you too, kneel in front of a depth camera and become part of the current usability study.

G9: How can Salzburg’s bike paths be improved?

A cycle path is not just a cycle path – it also depends on the type of bicycle: where a mountain bike is comfortable, it can bump and clank for a cargo bike with a drinks crate. Test persons are currently using an app to record the quality of the bicycle infrastructure in the city of Salzburg. Problem areas are identified, and improvement measures can be taken. Take a look at the condition of the bike paths in your area!

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